• Birchwater
Carefully Hand-Tapped

Birchwater: A luxury like no other

For just three weeks in March, we expertly tap 200–300-year-old birch trees in some of Scotland’s most ancient forests. The birchwater we gather is entirely natural with no additives. It has an elegant smooth sweetness and a fresh subtle saline quality which is mineral in finish.

The signature smoothing effect dials back any harsh characteristics within a whisky, allowing delicate taste nuances to leap forward. Birchwater does not disrupt or taint whisky in any way - rather it serves to compliment, amplify, and illuminate.

The addition of birchwater not only opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for whisky lovers, but also for those who have been put off by the whisky’s perceived harshness.

Birchwater - BirkenTree
Birchwater - BirkenTree
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