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The whisky adventurer’s companion
There’s a whisky adventurer in us all. Why not let Birkentree birchwater take you on a trailblazing journey of discovery from Scotland’s mysterious ancient past to a new enlightened era of whisky exploration?
BirkenTree - The Whisky Adventurer's Companion
Beautifully Pure
Birchwater: A luxury like no other
The signature smoothing effect dials back any harsh characteristics, allowing delicate nuances of taste to leap forward. Birchwater does not disrupt or taint whisky in any way; rather it serves to compliment, amplify and illuminate.
Beautifully Pure
Here are some of the nice things people are already saying about our birchwater...
  • Dave Broom (renowned whisky writer), who describes our birchwater for whisky as “a revelation”. Full tasting here: https://thewhiskymanual.uk/tapping-into-a-new-mixer/

  • Max McFarlane (former master whisky maker with Edrington), who explains the tasting experience when pairing our birchwater with whisky as “unique and illuminating”. Samantha Leotta (Global Whisky Director Glen Grant), who was blown away by the concept and experience.

  • Iain Forteath (Tomintoul brand manager):
    “A very pleasant addition to whisky. I enjoyed the mouthfeel and the textural element it brings.”

  • Matt Hastings (Nc’Nean blender and brand ambassador):
    “The Birkentree is fantastic. It’s a wonderful tool for serving whisky in an accessible way and can really help develop a lot of drams.”

  • Jamie Morrison (Glenturret brand ambassador):
    “I really enjoyed it. It certainly gives a lovely mouthfeel to the whisky.”

  • Lia Niskanen (Barrel Strength Talent):
    “What I liked the best was the way the birchwater really brought out the moss and smoky peat of the whisky, and made those notes taste smooth and cream like. Luscious!”

  • Charlie MacLean:
    "When water was added to the whiskies I evaluated, generally they were thinned-out and reduced in aroma and taste, whereas BIRKENTREE afforded a noticeable enhancement to these."

    "Birkentree does not change the whisky - it makes the inherent nuances more accessible."

    "Flavour is a combination of smell, taste and texture; Birkentree enhances all of these."

    "I can really confidently support Birkentree."

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